Why You Must Visit Berryessa Shores (Lake Berryessa) Before You Die

Lake Berryessa serves as a reservoir for Monticello Dam which is located in Napa County, California. The 20,000 acres of the reservoir was built by 1963 with a total volume capacity of 80 cm3.

Being the largest lake in California, the Lake Berryessa does not only stores water to generate hydroelectricity but offers interesting recreational activities and breathe taking views!

This image shows the aerial view of Berryessa Lake

The Landscape

With warm summers and wet winters, the Berryessa shores is a great place to visit and take a break from the bustling urban life. The lush green hills surrounding the lake fill the atmosphere with a unique and refreshing element that is surely worth experiencing!

Moreover, it is interesting to note that the Green Valley Fault runs parallel to the lake in the west hills. Also, the presence of the exceptional flora and fauna is quite remarkable with plants like white alder and leather oak swaying in a harmonious motion while you hike in the luxuriant vegetation.

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