Travel to Port de Saint Tropez, France

Have you ever heard of the Port de Saint Tropez in France? Yes, there are lots of celebrities, glamour, and exclusive clubs. But have you wondered about the things you can do while you are in Port de Saint Tropez?

Saint Tropez is smaller than Marseille and Nice. It is just a small town that is in the shoreline. Saint Tropez has only a population of almost 5000 people. It does not matter if you are going here in Port de Saint Tropez for a luxurious long getaway or you will just spend your weekends here, Saint Tropez has a lot to offer.

Relax on the Beach

You cannot leave Port de Saint Tropez without getting your feet on the beach. Beaches here in Saint Tropez are marvelous – plus the color of the water is turquoise. Here are the following beaches you can visit:

  • Plage des Canoubiers
  • Tahiti
  • Plage de la Ponche
  • Moorea
  • Plage de Pampelonne
  • Plage de la Bouillabaisse
  • Plage des Graniers
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