Pleasant Harbor Marina – Lake Pleasant Arizona

Lake Pleasant frequently asked questions and answers...


How do I get information on what boat is best for me?

To learn more about our boats visit our boat rentals page here.

The website will provide you with a list of rental boats, prices, times, and accessories available.
If you still have questions after visiting our website, feel free to call 602.977.7365 for more information.

Does Pleasant Harbor Marina offer Jet Ski rentals?

Yes! Lake Pleasant Watercraft, based out of Pleasant Harbor Marina offers rentals of Personal watercraft.
For information contact



What are my options for storing watercraft at Pleasant Harbor Marina?

Pleasant Harbor Marina is the largest marina in Arizona offering 4 different moorage options including
wet storage, dry storage, stack storage and economy storage.

Wet slips are available in 30'-75' sizes with end ties available for larger boats. Both covered and uncovered options are available at the marina.

Dry storage is a second option for storing your boat at Pleasant Harbor Marina. Our dry storage yard is paved and secured and comes with unlimited launch/recovery service.

Stack storage is an indoor and out of water option for storing your boat. The stack building can accommodate most boats up to 30' in length and also comes with unlimited launch/recovery service.

Economy storage is the lowest priced option available at Pleasant Harbor Marina. It is gated and secured and members have 24-hour access into the yard to launch/retrieve their own watercraft.

For pricing information visit Boat Moorage or contact our contract administrators 602-912-1664

For more information please visit the Boat moorage page


What is launch & recovery service?

Unlimited launch and recovery service is included with both dry and stack storage. Customers can schedule this service minimum 24 hours in advance.

Staff will have your boat in the water awaiting your arrival and when you are done boating, you can pull up to the courtesy dock, unpack and be on your way home. Our trusted staff will take your boat out of the water and place it back in its storage location.


There are 2 four lane launch ramps that the public can use to launch their own watercraft within the same entry gates as the marina. One ramp is located north of the marina and one is located south of Pleasant Harbor. For more information visit Boat Moorage or contact our contract administrators 602-912-1664


Is power included in my wet slip fees?

Power is an additional fee and varies upon the size of the slip. For more information visit the Boat Moorage page or contact our contract administrator at 602-912-1664 or

What type of security is on the marina docks?

Pleasant Harbor Marina has 24-hour security on-site at all times.
Additionally, all wet slip members receive a gate card that grants them access into the slip and member-only areas. This card also gives customers access into the member-only restroom/shower facilities, laundry area as well as marina charge account privileges.

Can I have cable T.V. hook-ups on my boat?

Pleasant Harbor Marina allows cable dishes to be mounted at least 4 feet from the main walkway of the dock and at least 6 inches in height.

Can I store my trailer at Pleasant Harbor Marina?

Pleasant Harbor Marina can store your trailer in our economy lot for an additional monthly fee of $32.50.

What documentation is needed when storing my boat?

All members must provide Pleasant Harbor Marina with a copy of their boat registration and trailer title (if applicable). Vessels must be insure with a minimum of $300,000 of liability coverage with Pleasant Harbor Marina listed as additionally insured.

As a Member of Pleasant Harbor Marina is there a fee to enter Lake Pleasant Regional Park?

An annual Port-of-Entry pass must be purchased from the Maricopa Water Conservation District for entry into Lake Pleasant Regional Park.

The pass is $200 and can be by calling 928-501-5253.


What benefits are received by becoming a member?

As a member of Pleasant Harbor Marina, you receive access into the private, gated slip area as well as the member-only restroom/shower facility and laundry room

Additionally, located with in the gates, members will find a BBQ and private patio area for their use.

All members, wet, dry, stack and economy are invited to join in on the monthly member events. Pleasant Harbor Marina hosts monthly events at the marina for adults and their families. Events include holiday related activities, monthly members night, costume parties, live entertainment, kids activities and much more.

For a list of current events, visit our Blog and News page


Does it cost money to get into Lake Pleasant ?

The fee to enter The Lake Pleasant Regional Park area is $6/vehicle or $2/person/van or bus. Please note this is not a fee charged by the marina. The fee is charged by Maricopa Water District and Maricopa County. For information call 928-501-5253.


How do I get to Pleasant Harbor Marina ?

Pleasant Harbor Marina is located 30 miles North of downtown Phoenix and West of Highway 17.

Take I-17 to the Carefree Highway exit. Head west on Carefree Hwy (turn left if coming from downtown Phoenix). It is approximately 11 miles to Pleasant Harbor Blvd. Turn right on Pleasant Harbor Blvd. The entrance to Pleasant Harbor Marina is approximately one mile on the left.

Please visit the directions page for more detailed directions


Are dogs allowed on the marina?

Pleasant Harbor Marina is dog friendly. However, we are not dog feces friendly.
PLEASE, if you do bring your pets with you to the marina keep them on a leash at all times and be respectful to others by cleaning up any messes.

How do I check the current water level and temperatures?

How deep is the lake?

Lake Pleasant's deepest point is 260 feet deep which is located by Waddell Dam and
has 100 miles of shoreline.

Is fishing allowed in Lake Pleasant?

Yes, fish types include large mouth bass, striper bass, white bass, catfish, crappie, sunfish and bluegill

Is fuel available at Pleasant Harbor Marina?

Pleasant Harbor Marina does have a fuel dock that accommodates all size boats. Members of Pleasant Harbor Marina receive a $0.25 per gallon discount on fuel.


Where do I park?

After passing through the port-of-entry gates, you will come to a T junction. Turn right and the parking area is on the right side of the road.

During peak season (April-September), daytime and weekend hours, there is a courtesy shuttle that will take you to the marina walkway. If the shuttle is not operating, it is a 5 minute walk to the walkway. Follow the sidewalk going west and down the marina launch ramp to the walkway. It is then approximately 1/3rd of a mile along the walkway to the marina village.

Note: There is a limited amount of parking located alongside the walkway to the marina; however this area is reserved for Pleasant Harbor Marina members.


What can I buy at the The Village Store?

The Village Store is stocked with everything including your favorite water toys, boat parts, clothing and accessories, and food and beverages. You name it; The Village Store is your one-stop shop!
Please visit the village store page for more info

Where can I purchase a fishing license?

Arizona Game and Fish has now made it easy to purchase your fishing license by making it available online. If you go to the website and select your State you can purchase your fishing license there.


What are the hours of operation for the Waterfront Grille?

The Village Store is stocked with everything including your favorite water toys, boat parts, clothing and accessories, and food and beverages. You name it; The Village Store is your one-stop shop!
Please visit the waterfront grille page for more info

Are there any activities that take place at the Waterfront Grille ?

The Waterfront Grille often features live entertainment and karaoke. For a list of upcoming entertainment and activities click here

What kind of food is served at the Waterfront Grille?

The Waterfront Grille features weekly drink specials and serves your favorite appetizers, salads, sandwiches and burgers.